About Me

Hey hey heyyy! Thanks for taking the time to roam around my blog. That's so sweet of you. :)

I'm Mandy and this is my little family. James is what I call my professional boyfriend. This August will be our 7th anniversary and it feels like the first. He's amazing. Ollie is our dog/my baby. Doesn't he look like angel in this picture? He's not. We all live in the wonderful city of Austin, TX. 

Some of my favorite things are sewing, cooking for two, finding new pen pals and making mail art, drinking tea, listening to James' music, smothering Ollie with affection and Instagramming. 

A few of my current obsessions/collections:
vintage dresses
classic Disney movies
vintage children's books
mini road trips

I became a makeup artist a couple years ago when a friend gave me the opportunity to work on his feature film he was directing that summer. I'm completely self taught and just dove right into it. I met another director on that set and worked on his film later that summer. That's basically how it all started. I absolutely love this job! I've had the privilege of working with some very talented people. Check out my makeup Tumblr and my Film Credit page for updates on my lastest projects. :)

I love wandering into new spaces. One of my favorite things to do is take mini road trips to tiny towns in Texas and take photos, meet the locals and just soak up the simple life. I plan on taking a lot of those trips this year. I love all kinds of films and music. 

I have always been a nostalgic person. I hoard all my memories in my garage. Just documentation of my life.  My life is all I know so why not celebrate it? 



  1. Hello Mandy! I just received your lovely comment on my blog. Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for following!

    I loved your note about your blog: it is so honest and generous. Rare to see in the blogging sphere! I will also be following you and your lovely photos.

    All the best

  2. "My life is all I know so why not celebrate it?" so true!

  3. I love how honest and real this note is! I should probably thing of having the 'about' section on my blog!;) I live in Poland at the moment :) Yeah, winter can be beautiful here :) I'm really glad you like it:)


  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am absolutely loving your blog:)


I love hearing what you think. Thanks for taking the time.

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