Jul 2, 2018

Cinemanic Monday: "We've Become a Race of Peeping Toms"

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   I've been trying to add more classics into our Netflix DVD queue, or as James would have it, "Bluray or 4K only, please". Sorry babe, this one was only available in primitive format. It was so worth it too. I really enjoyed this film. Much like my newfound Murderino community. I would have snooped on my neighbors and especially if I suspected one of them murdered their spouse. The husband did it! Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered. Of even better, just don't get murdered. You can be ugly and survive too.

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   So basically, Jimmy Stewart's entire left leg is in a cast so the poor thing is stuck in his walk-up apartment and probably has a broken dick cause that cast went up really high. He spends all day creeping on his neighbors across the courtyard and for some reason has The Most top notch girlfriend ever. I know Alfred Hitchcock had a thing for blondes and boy was she a gorgeous one. I mean she is stunning in this film. She took my breath away. I know I'm not supposed to be talking about women's appearances but look at her. Even John Waters dedicated a page or two in one of his books to her elbows alone. Do people still give lessons on those silly Transatlantic accents?

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Fun fact: Gwen Stefani was so in love with this look from the film that she recreated it for her prom dress in the 80s. She's so cute! I'm pretty sure this fact was the reason I put this movie in my queue in the first place. 
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Nailed it!
   I have to admit, this movie had me rolling my eyes every once in awhile. Grace's character Stella is basically every man's fantasy and maybe mine too. She comes over, dressed to the nines, feeds the man lobster from the 21 Club and does some pretty badass, dangerous shit in the name of solving a potential murder. But the biggest eye-roll offender of this whole movie...

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   That, my friends, is a dog in a pulley basket operated by it's lazy-ass owner who can't walk down a few flights of stairs to safely allow the dog to relieve itself. I was channeling my inner PETA as I screamed at her for being so stupid. I really hope that dog was strapped in somehow. But probably not. I also screamed at her when (SPOILER ALERT) her dog is lying dead next to the basket on the bottom floor. She blamed everyone else and took no responsibility. Did I mention I work with an animal control agency? No, Karen, it DOES NOT put the dog in the basket. It also keeps their fur babies on a damn leash. Rant over.

  What was I talking about again? Ah well. Go watch this movie and please find me all of Stella's clothes and Honey, I Blew Up the Kids laser them into my size. K, thanks. BYE. 

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