Jul 2, 2018

Basic Bitch Status

Colorful alleyway in downtown San Marcos, Texas. Photo by Mom. 
  So I got these Madewell jeans... Now what? I'm simultaneously upping my fashion game and scolding myself for caving on expensive jeans because Instagram told me I deserved them. But I do, don't I? No hate to the company. These jeans really are... well made. But there are plenty of other great jeans out there for half the price. And ones from plenty of other brands who always carried plus sizes. Not this "Hey we're acknowledging you curvy girls now! Give us your money!" from Madewell. Why did I feel it so necessary to go with the most trendiest ones? Didn't my thrifty mother teach me anything? To be completely honest Keiko Lynn really cemented it for me. She had them on in a post and said these exact jeans "are the most comfortable and most worn items in my closet". GIMME GIMME. DONE.

   Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging about buying designer jeans. I just wanted to do some public self reflection and hopefully catching myself from going down a glitzy rabbit hole of basic bitchdom. I might be hating the jeans and myself a bit for how much I love them. Hell, I feel amazing in them! I feel my style is changing but find it hard to find a balance of trending styles and my style. What is my style? I have no freakin' clue. It's like I have a better idea of what I don't like than what I do like. I used to like more feminine style. Flowery dresses and cute hats. Now I wanna wear jeans, flats and my too tight Intercourse, PA tshirt.

   Mama, I need your help and wisdom. I don't need expensive clothes when there are almost perfectly good used ones down the street at a thrift shop. Or better yet, eBay. I don't think I've expressed just how much I love vintage on this blog. It's all in the name too! Nestled in Nostalgia. I love that shit. I mainly use Instagram and Etsy for my vintage finds but found eBay has a lot of options with way better price tags. Pro tip, search by Make Offer and pay what you want. You'd be surprised how low they'll go and it automatically accepts your offer. I got this shirt for a pretty good deal considering I'm obsessed with it. I'll save thrifting tips for another post.

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