Jan 9, 2018

New Year, who dis?

    Happy New Year! It's been nice here in Austin thus far. It snowed on NYE. James and I stayed home with a bottle of champagne and sat by the fire. I wanted to go see the inevitable fireworks our neighbors were about to set off so I went search in a mostly unused closet for a giant coat for James to wear. I found probably his oldest piece of clothing which was this giant aqua winter coat that looked like it was straight out of an 80's catalog and matched it with a chunky sweater that belonged to his grandfather. I made him pose for a photo by the fireplace with a cheesy grin like some ski novice frat boy on vacation in Aspen. We headed out into the darkness and walked down the street as the fireworks exploded overhead. It was a good start to 2018.

   We usually take a mini vacation in January because James job is so stressful during the holidays we don't really want to wait till spring. My nephew Ethan just moved to New Orleans last month and I wasted no time making plans to see him and one of my favorite places ever. I looked back at one of my favorite blog posts Haunted City and the nostalgia hit me hard. We saw so much on that visit (our first of two) and it was so short! We got in late after a full day of traveling from Orlando, got dinner near our Airbnb, went to bed and then drove around the Garden District and French Quarter for a few hours the next morning.
Jackson Square, April 2013.
   We went again in 2015, this time for a bit longer with some girlfriends of mine. This was when I felt I really got to know the city. We got a place right on St Charles with a streetcar stop practically right outside our door. It felt different because I felt different. So much more energy. So much more time. We ran around the Garden District and finally got to stroll through Lafayette Cemetery, browsed at a antique shop on Magazine and got gelato and macarons at Sucre. Ate ALL the oysters everywhere and got drunk on Bourbon street while I stupidly left my friends to follow my favorite funk songs into random bars to dance. It should be noted, I was not that drunk to let James stay downtown by himself while the rest of us went back to our room. That trip was so great. I remember all the people being so nice. The locals were helpful with directions and everyone was so happy. I can't wait to go back.
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