May 18, 2017

"Won't You Cry for Me?"

   I was getting ready for work this morning and found James in the hallway, looking somber. I hugged him, "what's wrong baby?". He said he just found out Chris Cornell died. At first, the name didn't register in my brain because the I only think of elderly people dying suddenly. People that I haven't admired for 20+ years. People that aren't my husband's greatest influence and #1 idol. I'm about to cry again just typing this. How awful. He was only 52, a husband, father, an icon. I'm hurting for James so much. He looked shocked this morning. He admires him so much and suddenly he's gone. We'll never know the art he had yet created.
   I get to work and I'm looking up my old blog post from four years ago when we saw Soundgarden in concert. Admiring that beautiful man in those photos again. I start scrolling. Reading comments. Next post. This one is a funny one. More comments. I'm smiling now. Has it really been two years since my last post? I can't even blame it on being busy. I just stopped. No idea why. I really miss it though. I miss this community. The creativity spilling out of fingers. I've met so many incredible people through this platform. I see a comment from a friend who passed away last year. Tears again. Life sure is a son of a bitch.

Seize the day. Pull the trigger. Drop the blade. 
One more time around. 

Our Wedding Video

It sounds so cliche but this really was the best day ever. Marrying James amongst our friends and family in the dreamiest of locations. Sigh. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm one lucky lady. 

We hired a couple of student videographers to shoot the day and because we were on a budge and i'm a bit of a control freak, we decided to edit the video ourselves. It only took one year a day to complete. To be fair it really only took a couple of weeks from stat to finish. After months of procrastinating, I figured our anniversary would be a good day to shoot for. We had to settle for the next day cause we were too busy running around the Space Center in Houston, touching moon rocks and gawking at the Saturn V. Post on that to come! 

I'm back duckies! I mean it this time. And I promise I won't exclusively post major life events. There's gonna all kinds of random shit. This is where I air out my mind. 

If you're still around, thank you and please don't go anywhere. I've missed you all. 
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