May 18, 2017

"Won't You Cry for Me?"

   I was getting ready for work this morning and found James in the hallway, looking somber. I hugged him, "what's wrong baby?". He said he just found out Chris Cornell died. At first, the name didn't register in my brain because the I only think of elderly people dying suddenly. People that I haven't admired for 20+ years. People that aren't my husband's greatest influence and #1 idol. I'm about to cry again just typing this. How awful. He was only 52, a husband, father, an icon. I'm hurting for James so much. He looked shocked this morning. He admires him so much and suddenly he's gone. We'll never know the art he had yet created.
   I get to work and I'm looking up my old blog post from four years ago when we saw Soundgarden in concert. Admiring that beautiful man in those photos again. I start scrolling. Reading comments. Next post. This one is a funny one. More comments. I'm smiling now. Has it really been two years since my last post? I can't even blame it on being busy. I just stopped. No idea why. I really miss it though. I miss this community. The creativity spilling out of fingers. I've met so many incredible people through this platform. I see a comment from a friend who passed away last year. Tears again. Life sure is a son of a bitch.

Seize the day. Pull the trigger. Drop the blade. 
One more time around. 
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