May 5, 2014

My engagement ring

I. Am. Obessed.

   James, I love this ring. I can't imagine a more beautiful symbol to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much, Bear. I always wanted us to find something that was dainty with an antique look. It's perfect.

   I've looked at rings for a really really long time. This August will be our 8 year anniversary so you can only imagine. Hahah! We were looking for a cushion cut halo with a low profile and a raised setting so the wedding band could sit flush against the engagement ring. We were so close to picking another one and as a last minute decision we walked into another place. We didn't see anything we really liked and were about to leave when the salesperson shows us this gorgeous setting. It didn't have the cushion cut center stone that we wanted so it would have to be custom ordered. It was up to James on which one to pick. A few weeks later, he proposed to me with the center stone in a simple setting while we were on vacation. A month later, we dropped off the original and picked up the completed ring a few days later. I was so happy to finally see what I've been imagining for so long. I knew I was going to cry when James put it on my finger. Just a little. :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! I love the elegance of your ring! :) Such a lovely blog you have here!


  2. WOWEE! That is a gorgeous ring. :] // Carmen ☼

  3. Beautiful and eye catching engagement ring. I really loved this. Thanks for sharing this post with unique ring ideas for engagement rings.Though I found engagement rings from Lescreations .. I would love to get this one too..

  4. Thank you, ladies! Very kind of you.


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