Sep 23, 2013

Special Edition of Cinemanic Monday: "Here's a nice piece of shit!"

   "I'm sorry what did you just say? There's a Billy Madison quote-along?! Oh yes, I'll be there". This movie never even occurred to me when I think "What's going to be my next Cinemanic Monday?" It's seriously like second nature to me. A fond memory from my childhood that's just become of part of who I am. My brother and sister watched this at least once a week. Dammit, I love this movie. I love that daiquiri- induced penguin. I love Miss Lippy's paste face. I love the still horny Revolting Blob. I love delicious Triscuit crackers. I love burning dog poo and the human response. I love Crazy Carl. And most of all, I love that Billy, Billy boy. He's a fine piece of work, alright. 

Of course, the Alamo Drafthouse put this little shindig together. Brilliant! They gave us all a travel-size shampoo, a stress busting penguin and a red balloon to play dodge ball with. We had so much fun!

Me, when I take my hair down...

Me, with no mirror.

There are too many amazing parts to this movie and I'm too sleepy to keep going. 

Good night, duckies. 


  1. Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Whhhaaa? I would love to see this in theaters with other crazy folks. The husband, roommate, and I just watched it again last week and it's still brilliant and wonderfully quotable.

  3. Alamo Drafthouse!!! Ok, this place is definitly on my bucket list to go to. I keep seeing listings for R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closer sing-along and I about piss myself every single time. Brilliant. Been out of the blogging world for a bit and missed reading your blog!! Glad you're still writing.


  4. Hahahaha I love this. Such a good movie!!



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