Sep 23, 2013

Special Edition of Cinemanic Monday: "Here's a nice piece of shit!"

   "I'm sorry what did you just say? There's a Billy Madison quote-along?! Oh yes, I'll be there". This movie never even occurred to me when I think "What's going to be my next Cinemanic Monday?" It's seriously like second nature to me. A fond memory from my childhood that's just become of part of who I am. My brother and sister watched this at least once a week. Dammit, I love this movie. I love that daiquiri- induced penguin. I love Miss Lippy's paste face. I love the still horny Revolting Blob. I love delicious Triscuit crackers. I love burning dog poo and the human response. I love Crazy Carl. And most of all, I love that Billy, Billy boy. He's a fine piece of work, alright. 

Of course, the Alamo Drafthouse put this little shindig together. Brilliant! They gave us all a travel-size shampoo, a stress busting penguin and a red balloon to play dodge ball with. We had so much fun!

Me, when I take my hair down...

Me, with no mirror.

There are too many amazing parts to this movie and I'm too sleepy to keep going. 

Good night, duckies. 

Sep 19, 2013


   The trip of a lifetime!! James and I took a 2 week road trip and one of our stops was Yosemite National Park. The most spectacular place I have ever been. I can't wait to go back.

James' sister Jenny, James and me in 2010.

The Ahwahnee Hotel. I plan on staying here next time around.

Sep 9, 2013

Cinemanic Monday: "Yo I gotta have sex tonight!"

   Did anyone else love this movie to death? Well done 90's. I remember my sister and I watching this almost every day on VHS. She had the hots for Ethan Embry. Hell, she even named her son after him. I, on the other hand, had a special place in my heart for Seth Green. 

Yes, you.

    I. Had. It. Bad. I made it my mission to seek out and watch all of his movies. Most of them were pretty awful and his hairdos were even worse. I didn't judge though. He was my little dreamboat Leprechaun. I even wrote him fan mail and sent it to the Buffy studio. A few weeks later, my mom was waiting for me on our porch after school, the biggest smile on her face, and handed me this:

   I screamed like every crazed Beatles fan there ever was. I immediately framed it and showed it off to everyone I knew. It was my most prized possession. Two years later, there was a new girl at my school and we had Seth in common. I casually bragged to her about having his autograph. "No biggie" Without a beat, she digs into her bedroom drawer and pulls out the same exact autograph!! It was never the same after that. 
You broke my heart, Seth Green.

   FYI, I did not scan this postcard. This is one of probably hundreds sent to unsuspecting fangirls. 

 Back to the movie. (wipes tears) I highly recommend watching this with some friends for some good old 90's nostalgia. Great soundtrack, adorable cast and some damn good laughs. 



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