Jul 11, 2013

Holiday Roll

   I've had so much fun in the past two weeks. Me and my girls Megan and Taylor, along with their husbears, all took some time to hang out for the 4th of July and my 27th birthday. I love these people! We rarely miss a silly-ass photo-op so here we are! LOL! Love you girls!

I love this pic of me and James. He's being shy while I'm nerding it up in my new glasses. 

Little story behind the post title: 

Me: James, remember that National Lampoon song? Do they say 'Holiday Roll'?

James: No, I think it's Holiday Road...

I find the song on You Tube



Me: Yep... It's "Road"... Oh well.

Shit. Now it's stuck in my head... 


  1. a little late but happy birthday girl!

  2. I need more silly pic of me and my friends. You totally got that song stuck in my head also. haha.. looks like a fun time!

  3. looks like a good time!

    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance

  4. Great photos; looks like you had tons of fun. :)

    Btw, would you like to follow each other? If so, just let me know, & I'd be happy to follow back. Thanks!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella 
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