Jun 13, 2013

Pinky Purple Baby 2

  I envy the color ladies. The girls who are ballsy enough to bleach their hair and dye it some outrageously beautiful color. Waking up to pink stains on your pillow or stepping out of a blue bath. Work it girls! This "trend" will never dye. See what I did there? Oh, Mandy.


  1. You always have more fun with color! It's also incredibly addicting!

  2. oh this pictures made me wish even more to dye my hair a cute color like those, unfortunately my job didn't allow it :/

  3. Love the last picture, so cute!



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  5. I love it :)

  6. i agree, i definitely don't have the guts to do this haha! i had a little marker that put a streak of pink in my hair once :) it was fun because it wasn't permanent and i could choose when i wanted to wear it. right now i'm working up the courage to get a pixie. (been working on said courage for about 3 years now....any day now right....ha!)


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