Jun 24, 2013


  I don't think I ever owned a shirt this white before. I never wanted to. It's inevitable that I stain it with sloppy spaghetti-eating or I don't know, picking up a mud puppy. I had to have this shirt though. It's so light and breezy. Just thinking about it makes me sigh. I am very excited to finally show off this zippered clutch I made at home with my trusty sewing machine. I loved this print at first sight and had to buy it all up at once. I have a couple more. Would you guys be interested in doing a giveaway for one? Oh yea, it's my birthday this Friday. Yippee! Have a good one, duckies.

top - Bellatrix purchased from The Rack
pants - Vanilla Jeans
vintage scarf - borrowed from Taylor (thrifted)
glasses and necklace - thrifted
wedges - Lauren Conrad
clutch - handmade by me

Photos by James


  1. Love it lady!! This outfit looks awesome on you. The scarf is the cutest. I have so many and never wear them. I guess hoarding is all i like to do with them. The shirt looks so summery and comfy. Total staple for our Texas weather. :)

  2. Very pretty outfit and your hair is so cute!



    Last time i changed my blogname ;-)

  3. loving ev. ry. thing. and happy birthday week!!! (greedily, hells yeah do a giveaway. that bag is fab.)

  4. Hi! Fabulous photos!!! Like your red jeans!!!!
    Have a nice day!!!
    Angela Donava

  5. Hey pretty lady! Almost birthday girl....I love this photo shoot. Pretty cool blouse you got on there, you wearing a cami underneath there? I need to go around Austin and take some pictures but it's just so unbearably hot right now I would melt on the way there and then look like poo in the pictures. Miss you lady!!!

  6. Love the hairstyle and the whole outfit is very pretty. :)

    xox, Nina.


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