Jun 10, 2013

Cinemanic Monday: "My soul's beyond repair."

   I'm a Juno junkie. Juno Temple, that is. She's amazing. I love the characters she chooses to portray. Her presence on screen is so strong. It's haunting. I found Little Birds on Netflix and really enjoyed it. There's so much about this film that reminds me of myself and some experiences I had growing up. The more I think about it, the more I remember. It's shocking how similar the events are. These two best friends live in a shit hole of a small town. Juno's character, Lily, is so desperate to get away that she runs off to LA to meet a boy she just met with Alison in tow. They essentially catapult themselves into a really bad situation. They have no money, they're homeless and the Lily is so enthralled with this new boy, she dismisses Alison by throwing her to the wayside and ignoring her pleas to return home. Her boyfriend's friends treat the girls like shit and start using them for their own gain. It's really sad and hard to watch at times but I love stories like this. A young girl who is so desperate to find happiness, she'll go through hell to get there.


  1. Oh man I love Juno Temple. She is one of those actresses who always makes me really uncomfortable in the best way, because she chooses these really intriguing characters. I wil have to watch that movie, but only when I am ready to be tragically uncomfortable in the best way ahah.


  2. I honestly don't think I've ever seen her acting. I've been missing out, clearly, totally adding this to my list to watch this weekend. It looks amazing.

  3. Watched it with Matt.... loved it. She is a reckless little lass insn't she?
    Miss you!


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