May 21, 2013

This one time...

   I was staying with my friend Dallas' house in San Antonio. We were just relaxing and having some beers with her husband Manni. Dallas was trying to open her sliding glass door to the backyard and it kept getting stuck. So she called to Manni in their bedroom, "Manni, the door is stuck again!" and then went to the bathroom.
   A few minutes later, out comes Manni, walking with purpose. He heads straight for the sliding glass door and starts squirting some pink substance into the door's track.

I ask, "Manni, what is that?"
"It's lube"
"Like... sex lube? Why is it pink?"
"It's strawberry flavored!"

Hahaha! I'm actually laughing as I write this. It was so funny. He was completely nonchalant about it and emptied the entire bottle. And it worked! The door opened up perfectly after that... until the next morning. Dallas tries to open the door again and notices the sticky puddle.

"Manni, what the fuck is this!?"

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  1. this is HILARIOUS. manswers are my favorite. 'lube makes things slide better, so it should totally work on the door right?!' hahaha. amazing. i loled at work!

  2. The many uses of lube. Love it.


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