May 26, 2013


Reading The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I was inspired by my recent trip to New Orleans. I visited her old home where she lived when she wrote this. It's so interesting reading a description of a place I've actually been to. Very very good read!

Writing tons of postcards! Since joining Postcrossing I've sent and recieved about 40 postcards from all over the world. I'm addicted. 

Listening to CSS and dancing my ass off. I love this band! They're coming to Austin on July 18th and I can't freakin' wait! I'll be there with my favorite girls and my love and we're gonna have one helluva night.

Thinking about this weekend. James and I are gonna see Soundgarden!! Twice!!!

Smelling Benefit's perfume Laugh with Me, Lee Lee. I'm addicted to this stuff and I'm on my third bottle. 

Wishing my car would stop giving me shit. 

Hoping everything goes well with my new job!

Wearing this again. Because I love it so much. ^_^

Loving my new venture into music! I recently joined a cover band and I'm the over excited new singer. 

Wanting a fabulous summer full of new adventures with family and friends. 

Needing to work my butt off quite literally. I finally have the drive to workout seriously and get my ass into sweet shape. 

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new changes in my life. Especially my new job. I start next week and I'm getting anxious! More on that later...

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  1. Amazing post! :D

    xx MJ

  2. I think this New Orleans post (the dress you are wearing) is my favorite outfit post of all time. Beautiful.

  3. so glad to have you linking up this week! do you have a twitter account? i tweet all the currentlies posts each week so everyone can check them out. let me know - i'd love to include you in this way!

    yay for new orleans! i am from louisiana & have been many times - there's always something new to discover there. are you originally from austin? that's where i'd like to live next!

  4. Thanks for popping over to my bloggy! :) What's postcrossing? That totally seems like it would be up my alley.
    I can't wait for summer adventures either.. ahhh! Good luck on the new job. I'm trying desperately to move back up to the Austin area. Been applying like crazy!

  5. OmG that picture is incredible! I love your blog too!
    Thanks for your comment and I'll be waiting you in my blog!


  6. So glad you found my blog! I love your interesting and honest writing :) Love your style, too! I will be following along now, can't wait for your next post!



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