Apr 11, 2013

Big City Train

Hello hello! I'm kind of on a forced break from the blog lately. I'm currently working at another city office downtown for the next two weeks and they have me working all day long. No time for Nostalgia. :( That's ok though. I like the change of pace and its really nice to be off my ass and moving around. I'm learning the ins and outs of this place so this experience will help if I want to work there permanently.
The best part is I get to take the train down! I've only used it for SXSW and the occasional dinner downtown but this is my first time using it for work. I feel like I'm one of the fancy city folk! Lol! It's only my third day riding so don't hold me to this excitement. I have to wake up much earlier and I'm getting home an hour later than normal. I wish I was all snug in my bed with little Ollie right about now. I feel like the new awkward kid on the school bus. People do not like chit chat on the bus. Lol! I'm gonna stop trying and just put my makeup on and listen to some music. So far so good. :)
I can't wait to catch up on all your fashionable spring posts! I'm going to do an outfit post real soon. It's been far too long.


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  1. i still haven't had a chance to take the train anywhere! i live so far south that it doesn't run by me, so it would take a lot of extra effort to take it instead of driving. i'd love to take it someday though--especially downtown, where i hate to park.

    enjoy your blog break // work fun!

    xo nicole

  2. That is such a cute photo. I know what you mean about chit chat in buses - whenever I speak to people on public transport they look at me like I'm mad... Sad really.

    Love your blog, I'm now following


  3. Lovely blog with great content- glad ice found it! I'm your newest follower :-)

  4. Altough I miss you I'm glad that you are making connections and having fun riding the train.

  5. Hello fellow Austinite! New follower here (found you through Nicole's blog). :)

    I haven't had a reason/chance to take the train yet, but I sort of want to. It's on the opposite side of town from where I am, though, so who knows.


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