Mar 28, 2013

Signed, Stamped, Delivered

   Oh my goodness, I am completely enthralled with mail lately. As I recently posted, I've been looking for pen pals and have since sent about 25 letters and about 15 postcards so far. I can't stop! And I'm always looking for new people to correspond with. It's so addicting! My desk is filled with envelops, postcards, stationary, postage stamps (for domestic and international) and my rubber stamp collection is ever growing.  It's now a daily occurrence to have little surprises in my mail box. This is so much fun!! If you've never done this or are thinking about, jump right in! There's so much to know and learn about other people and cultures all over the world. I just joined this awesome website You can request to send postcards and it will give you a random user with their mailing address and an ID to write on the postcard. Once they get your card they will register the ID number to show it's been received and then you'll be the next random person to get a card. Loves it! I just sent mine off about two days ago. Two to Russia, two to China and one to Italy.
I just bought this box of postcards called Ocean's Sweaty Face from McSweeney's and they are badass!
Some of my favorites. Still unused! The Aquafresh Hot Dog by Brian McMullen deserves a frame. I've spent most of my morning buying unused vintage postcards on eBay. I can't wait to get these little gems in the mail!!! 

Haha! I love the "risque" ones. I'm such a perv.

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  1. It is so addicting and makes so much fun :-)

    Just one tip: If you remove the check mark on "Check if you prefer to send to repeated countries (does not affect the postcards you receive). This option is experimental" in your profile, you can send postcards to more different countries.

  2. this sounds like so much fun! I love sending and receiving letter but I always end up having a break at some point and then it dies, so typical me. Love to see that you're so passionate about it though!
    And I love the postcards you got!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Obsessed with old past cards. Especially ones already written on you can find at antique malls. Endlessly fascinating. More power to you lady!! Keep the art of longhand alive!


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