Mar 4, 2013

Cinemanic Monday: "Why can't we start old and get younger?"

   Oh, John Hughes. You really did a number on this movie. I love love love Pretty in Pink. Especially the Duck Man. He was so cute!!! I would have given anything to have "one of these" in high school. What did Andie mean by that comment anyway? "Have you ever had one of these?" Poor poor Duckie. 

He had great shoes too.

The cutest thing I've ever seen in a movie, ever.


      I never understood why Andie and Blaine even liked each other. They were obviously attracted to each other but that's about it. They didn't even know each other. He was sooo boring! Plus, he kind of had the crazy eyes. Throughout the entire movie. His name should have said it all. If I were Hughes, I would have just kept his real name. Andrew McCarthy. That's a great name! Blaine and Andie just weren't meant to  be. They were both so stuck on "making this work" "maybe it wasn't meant to be". I don't know. It was weird. He probably dumped her after prom.


   Then there was Steff. Steff was hot. Really hot. He obviously liked Andie but was an asshole about it and that got him nowhere. Way to fuck with Blaine though! That was very much Kathryn via Cruel Intentions. You're just a toy, Blaine. A little toy Steff likes to play with. 
Hmm... so what's a girl to do? Whom should she have picked? If it were up to me I would have thrown caution to the wind and had a big ol' lesbian crush on 

   I actually do have a real crush on Annie Potts. She was amazing!!! God, I loved her. Her clothes, her hair. She was sexy. You were right to replace Andie, Duckie. Iona was all woman. I don't know about Andie, but I would have jumped ship long before the timeline of this movie. I'd worship this girl and all the records and loose staples she walked on. Andie should have asked her to prom. She was practically begging for it when she put the dress on and made Andie relive it with her. 

If all this wasn't reason enough, Andie said it perfectly. "You're going to OD on nostalgia."

Now, that's my kind of lady.

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  1. I agree about the crazy eyes. I loved Ducky way more.

    The Nautical Owl

  2. Omg!! Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favorites! I always loved how cool Ducky was too! I never like anyone from the trendy crowd! Blane did have weird, pervert eyes!!!! LOL and all that stuff about Annie, LMFAO you are funny!!!! I always did like her character better too. She had the best outfits during the whole movie.

  3. Hello Mandy,

    you have a really great blog! I like it very much :-)

  4. after you started following my blog i immediately checked your blog back, wish i had more time to read it to the last page but, i was at work and still i couldnt help but read a few pages. =)) your blog is so much fun and different and has a personality, it is unique. =)

    by the way i watched this movie yesterday, after i saw it on your blog of course =), i told my bf we got to watch this, we two both want to thank you for sharing this movie on your blog, otherwise we wouldnt have known it. he is so upset about the end though =) we had a fun sunday, thanks to you.

  5. oh i love that movie! i remember reading somewhere that in the original script she does choose duckie, but molly ringwald told them that the girl wouldn't pick him, she would pick the popular boy. such a bummer!


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