Feb 5, 2013

February Photo Diary

I went to a girly craft night at a friend's house and made coasters using tile, Modge Podge and an old Art Deco calendar.
The many faces of Howie. Ollie and I went to Zilker Park with Dominique and Howie on Friday.  The weather has been spectacular lately. Lovin' it!
I love this picture! I was at the salon and this little boy ran up and proudly showed me his Super Mario Bros manicure. I've seen him and his mother in there before. Spending quality time together, getting their nails done. It's so cute!! Last time, they were getting pedicures and he had his toes painted to match his Spider Man outfit. I just love his face. Here's to not giving a fuck.
My git up for a night on the town. I love my new Jeffrey Campbell wedges!
James playing pinball at East Side King. Top Chef winner Paul Qui's new restaurant near UT.
I don't remember April O'Neil being so well endowed. Daaaaaaamn girl!
I spent most of Sunday having fun with stamps and making Valentine's cards. 
My makeup bag for work.
This is pretty much what I find in my bed every morning. How does he pull on those covers?
I met up with my lovely bombshell friend Leslie at Whole Foods this weekend. She asked me to come help her pick out some mineral makeup and she'd buy me lunch. How could I refuse? We got stuck in the bulk section for quite some time. We went a little crazy buying spices. I just read about "true cinnamon" and picked some up. It's delicious!! And so much better for you. I highly recommend checking it out. It's called Ceylon cinnamon. 
The Whole Foods downtown is also the corporate HQ and it's fucking massive. I'm pretty sure this is what heaven looks like. Delicious, healthy food as far as the eye can see. I wish I lived downtown just so I could eat there every day. *sigh* I love food.

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  1. I think I'm going to be April O'neil for Halloween this year. It's one of the few redhead costumes that I think I could make work. Now I just have to find a yellow jumpsuit....and GIANT boobs, apparently.

  2. Lovely pictures! :)

    xx MJ

  3. You had too much fun so far this month!

  4. Super Mario Bros manicure :DD so cool ;) And the dog is sooo sweet :o))


  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog :) Looked forward to some more posts from yours.
    Style With Friends

  6. The photo of the little dude getting his manicure has made my day! Thank you x


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