Jan 2, 2013


   I rarely have a Sunday off. I've been dying to get out of town so when someone at work wanted to swap days with me, I gladly accepted and immediately arranged with some friends to take a little day trip out to Lockhart, TX. James has been telling me about this Black's BBQ place he's been wanting to try out. Being the lover of antiques that I am, I looked up some local stores and their business hours so we could do a little browsing after lunch. 

Beautiful Kari, waiting outside of Black's for the Canos to show up.

   Meat as far as the eye could see. James got the brisket and sausage (which tasted like burnt plastic). I tried  to keep things a bit lean so I got the turkey and of course some brisket. I always judge a BBQ place by their brisket. I'm a self proclaimed Bean Queen so I had to try both kinds. Just a thought: why aren't they called black eyed beans? 

Verdict: meh
James took a photo of the giant beef rib on someone else's plate. He told me it wasn't blood. I'm not convinced. I kept this picture small because I find it slightly graphic. Onto the antique stores! First stop: Royal's Antiques & Firearms. Ha! Fucking Texas.
A beautiful vintage compact I should have purchased.

By now, you should know about my fascination with creepy things.

  Ah arrowheads. My father used to drag our family out into the wilderness looking for these damn things all of the time when I was young. "Let's play house on this mound of dirt, Misty!"

I loved this pitcher and water basin. 
I've been watching a lot of American Horror Story and I'm quite certain we found Lockhart's very own Murder House next door... This is seriously the creepiest house I've ever seen. Look at this thing! WTF? Just by posting this picture, I'm sure that I've haunted my blog.
 Brandon, Kari, James, Gabe and Megan. "Say hello, everyone!" And they were never seen again...

Hats, hats and more hats!

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with tea sets lately... More on that later. 

Casting couch, 1953.
Vintage modelling photos. They're so charming.

One day, I shall have a telephone table.

Good day, Sir Rabbit. I say, good day!

Bye Lockhart! See ya later.

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  1. Hey girl! I love your antique outings. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Amazing place...love all the antiques, so cool & I loved the old house :) Happy New Year xx

  3. seems like you had loads of fun, lovely pics!

    ps. and I love the haunted house, I'm passionate about horror movies haha!
    new post: http://www.allyouneedisfashion.com/2013/01/thank-you-santa-new-in_2.html

  4. Thanks a lot for following my blog and for your sweet comment!
    It`s great you`re planning on doing the one photo a day project too and it doesn`t matter if you`re late,you can still start doing it :)
    Like that we can cheer along and give each other motivational speeches.


  5. lovely photos.. looks so vintage... happy new year...


  6. Love all of these vintage photos, but my favourite one is the haunted house - geesh, that looks quite scary :)! And the food looks yummy, I want that in my tummy ;).
    Thanks for your comment, it means a lot - you've got a lovely blog. Have a very happy and blissful New Year :)!


  7. Great blog! I've been wanting to watch Downtown Abbey but just haven't had the time, but this post is making me want to download it even more now. British culture is fascinating.

    your new follower :)


  8. OMG! Was those bags and hat yours or from a shop? those were really cute and elegant. i'm into vintage bags and clutches these days, but i'm quite a shoe person. :)) I like you blog.

    XOx, AJAH

  9. I need to check out antique shops as well as thrift stores, it looks like they have some really nice things.



  10. I should never have looked at this!!! Now all I can thing about are embossed, emerald green, western chairs! The hunt is on!

    1. They're in Lockhart, silly. No need for hunting.


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