Jan 14, 2013

Cinemanic Monday: Leave the sewing to the women. You go get some trimmin'

   I love me some Disney. For years, I've been waiting for my favorites to come out of that bloody vault to add to my glowing Blu-ray collection. James, being the sweetie he is, bought me Cinderella for Christmas and I finally got around to watching it last night. He said he hadn't seen in like 25 years. I can't believe he actually watched the whole thing with me! To be fair, I did put it on in the bedroom at 10 pm. Sorry I kept you up so late baby. 
   It wasn't always my favorite as a kid but I completely forgot how funny this movie is! Even James mentioned how surprising it was that Cinderella was being sarcastic when she called Lucifer "your majesty". I'll spare you the adorable imagery we're all too familiar with. I can always count on Tumblr to corrupt a good clean image. 

   My sister still randomly makes fun of me for admitting in my childhood that the corn Cinderella hands out for breakfast looked delicious. They looked like little tiny wedges of cheese. They still make me hungry. 

Damn, those bitches were ugly...
I blame this scene for my longing to have a giant bouncing booty dress.
Ok I lied about the adorable imagery. I love this part! Pretty pretty princess.

Hands down, favorite part. 

One more time... LOL!
Go ahead, make fun of me for being a Disney freak. 

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  1. Love this post. Do you know about Mary Blair? She was an color stylist and concept artist for Disney I did a post on here here:


    (I think you'll love her)

  2. Ha... what skit is this with Kristan? I've never seen this. I love her so much.



  3. great post!
    so pretty!

    Angela Donava

  4. HA! This is a badass post! I love Disney, too. My first love was The Little Mermaid, then Beauty and the Beast. I also liked Aladdin a lot. Adore it. I'm 24 and still would LOVE to go to Disneyland :)


    1. That order is just about right for me too. The Little Mermaid was the first VHS we ever owned and I was obsessed! You should go to Disneyland. My bf took me a few years ago. It was amazing!

  5. Oh, I loved this film so much! I've not seen it in years but seeing these shots make me realise I must watch it again, and soon! I too just loved that dress...
    Thanks for sharing, (new to your blog, btw, looks great!)


  6. I'm a disney freak too, need to see this I've not seen it since I was *very* young and barely remember it.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog and for subscribing :)
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  7. Ok. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with your blog posts! I have nothing else to say but...




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