Oct 10, 2012

Gotta move

   Lately, I've been really anxious to go someplace new. If James were to say, let's move to Randomtown, USA, I'd be game. No questions asked. James is incapable of making a bad decision and I trust him entirely. I would be so excited to move to a place completely new. Just me, James and Ollie. I used to be so attached to Texas. All of my family is here. James was sweet enough to move from CA to TX to be with me. We got together when I was 20 years old. I was ready to leave the nest but not the tree. Mostly, I wasn't ready to leave my mama. All of my close family lives in TX. Mostly in the Austin area.
   James has really shown me some truly amazing places. We took a 2 week road trip in May of 2010 and it was incredible! He's taken me to Disneyland, the San Diego zoo (I cried when I saw the pandas), Yosemite Valley and NYC to name a few.

Our roadtrip route. 3,817 miles

  I absolutely love traveling with James. My go-to roadtrip album is always Fashion Nuggett by Cake. It's perfect. I just wish we could take Ollie along for more things. He couldn't come along for the big roadtrip because we couldn't take him in the national parks, plus all the hotels. Next time little dude. He loves being in the car but hates being in his seatbelt.

   James mentioned that he wanted to take a trip to Big Bend soon. He always casually mentions exciting adventures and I just run with it like a mad woman and start looking up dog friendly hotels. He did the same thing with the road trip. "Hey maybe we could take a road trip this year" And I'm like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? You got it dude! Here's our map and a list of all the stuff I'm bringing." I really should calm down next time and mirror James' relaxed demeanor. Isn't it more fun when you don't plan things? Is it? Seriously, I wanna know...
   This past weekend, James' cousin Andrew and his mom Janet stayed with us. We had so much fun and ate way too much delicious food. Andrew is oringinally from Canada but lives in the Czech Republic now so we were really excited feed him big ass plates or Texas food.
   I just found out that we're probably going to his mom's house in Abilene for Christmas. My family celebrates on Xmas eve so I think this will work out nicely. His family from CA will be there so we have to make it work. I love James' family. They're so sweet and always make me feel at home so I'm really excited we get to see them again. I also just found out that Andrew and his longtime girlfriend, Jamie, are getting married next October in Toronto!!! Must. Withold. Excitement...

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  1. so nice pics!
    cute dog)
    Angela Donava


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