Oct 18, 2012

Girlie Gayness

   I love being a girl. I could list obvious reasons but they're.... obvious. Let's just say I'm pausing between every other sentence to put on my morning makeup. Besides, I'd rather compare it to what it must be like to be a man. No excess hair (face, back, ass, etc), no boners and most importantly no balls! Isn't that wonderful? We have boobs and boobs are awesome. I'm so happy to be a girl. I feel like putting on a flowy dress and running through a field singing a show tume. I'm basically a gay man trapped in a woman's body.
   I dream of having my own girlie santuary where I get to keep and cherish all my lovely possessions. James has his office with his guitars. You can have it honey. When we have the extra space, I will have a room all my own. I've pictured it for years.

A room of Girlie Gayness.
Hardwood floors and white walls is a must. I would want lots of light.
This is a beauty. I've been wanting a vanity forever. I need a lot of space to hold all my makeup and hair products. Isn't this color beautiful? I'd find the most magnificent mirror for it.
I think this one would do just fine. :)
This would go at the other side of the room.

No girlie room would be complete without a giant velvet ottoman. Though I would probably go with burgundy.
I love this simple clothing rack. I'd have it along one wall to hold all my favorite dresses and coats.

I would absolutely have a section dedicated to my sewing station. It would have to share space with my laptop.

I'm in love with this sofa. Antique. Velvet. Green. Yessss

No wall space would go unused.
Ollie would have his snug little bed, of course.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love all of these pics. So inspiring.

    <3 Melissa


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