Sep 4, 2012

Yoakum, TX

   I had so much fun this weekend! Taylor (from Nothing but a Pigeon) and I took a road trip to my grandparent's house in Yoakum, TX. We spent the two hour drive listening to good music and swapping stories. We spent a good 30 minutes chasing a half rainbow. It was so pretty! Right before we got to the house, we had to stop by a liquor store for some wine and Maker's Mark. Tee hee! We got up early on Saturday morning and took some pics of the peaceful surroundings. 
midi dress - ASOS
Dolcetta harness boots - Urban Outfitters (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange)
 denim vest - Burlington
Gentle Wave ring - James Avery
   A tornado went through the property about a year ago. It broke most of the windows in my grandparent's house and they were home when it happened! I'm so glad they weren't hurt. How scary! My grandma was telling me about that night. She said it sounded like a locomotive going through the house. Her and my grandpa went into a big closet in the hallway and she admitted that she ran back into her room closet to grab something. When she got back to my grandpa he was so pissed and demanded to know what she just had to have. It was tickets to a John Leguizamo show my uncle bought them for Christmas. LOL! Fucking Grandma. Jk, I love my grandma. She was so so sweet the whole time and made us laugh. Taylor said she wanted to adopt them as her own. :) 

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  1. Love this dress girl! This was the best day cause of the wind.


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