Sep 17, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: "A meal at Sizzler meant we were halfway home"

   The Slums of Beverly Hills. I haven't seen this flick in years and was kind of grateful that I (sorta) forgot what happens. I was so happy to see this title on Netflix instant! Natasha Lyonne plays Vivian Abromowitz. A "coming of age tale" is putting it mildly. This movie is a slap in the face of what it's like to be a teenage girl. I was a teenager the last time I saw this. I loved it then and now I love it even more. The writing is genius. It was written and directed by Tamara Jenkins. I love when the writer also directs the movie. They put so much love into the script knowing they can see it come to life. It was perfectly executed.
Poor Vivian goes through one embarrassment after another. Of course, it's hilarious to watch but you can tell she's so used to it, most of it doesn't even phase her. I love it when a movie doesn't care about getting it's hands dirty and showing a very real side of humanity. You see it personified in Vivian and you instantly love her for it. She checks for Shark Week by hand at the dinner table, lets a guy feel her up because she's curious, borrows her cousins vibrator and forgets to wipe after she pees. 
Natasha Lyonne, David Krumholtz, Alan Arkin, Eli Marienthal - Slums of Beverly Hills
Mena Suvari makes an appearance. 

Shoe envy
My favorite part is when Vivian and her cousin Rita (Marisa Tomei) are dancing in a room, tossing back a vibrator back in forth. I laughed my ass off. Marisa Tomei was wonderful, as usual. :)

I had to include this badass pic of Natasha. Look at that hair!

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