Sep 12, 2012

Calhoon's Antique City

  The adventures of Taylor and Mandy in Cuero and Yoakum, TX continues! Believe it or not, I actually edited the amount of pictures but I still ended up with an epic post. Warning: your finger may hurt from scrolling. LOL This is Calhoon's Antique City in Cuero, TX. Be sure to check out Taylor's pictures here.
   I love this antique gallery. It used to be an old boarding house at the turn of the century. I could spend hours in this place. I have, actually. There's so much to look at. I almost felt guilty taking pictures of everything but I do it all for you, dear readers. The first time I went there, I was driving back with my mom from my grandparent's house (in Victoria, at the time) and we stopped at Calhoun's. My mom and I looove antique stores. I was rummaging through the basement and found a painting of a smiling girl with a flower and a large hat on. The unknown artist framed a piece of burlap and painted the picture directly on the back of the glass and framed it. I had to have it. The owner let me have it for $25 and I took home my new baby and got it custom framed for $75. Sadly, my poor painted broke during our last move and it's beyond repair. I'll have to find a picture of it before that happened to share.
Ok, enough of that and back to the goodies!
We started our hunt in the basement. This place is kinda creepy. That's putting it mildly. Just wait till we get to the second floor.
I love this picture of Taylor! She reminds me of those pretty retro ladies.
We moved to the first floor and found a ton of vintage dishware. That pig does not look happy.
I love vintage sewing machines. And that rat trap is pretty nice too. :)
I loved the bold colors of this stamp dispenser. It was in great condition.
The Valley of the Dolls
The vines wanted a peek inside.
James said he wanted this Hefneresque robe.
I was tempted to buy this set of ironing boards. I need some for my newfound sewing interest but they were way overpriced. Along with everything else in this store. It was boarderline absurd.
I couldn't wait to go upstairs. It's so creepy, I love it. There were about 20 to 30 rooms upstairs. They all had a screen door and most of them displayed antique bedroom sets.
I loved the color in this room! Check out the adorable "love" chair.
Sorry this one isn't in focus. This was at the very front of the building upstairs. Wait till you see what's behind that bed...
Yep. It's a dead bat. There were two of them actually. Poor little buggers.
Ooo she's pretty. :)
 Awww poor Dolly and her Eyes of Lies. I know the feeling, hunny.
Cat Stevens was such a babe! Mom agrees.
Of course this place had a cat. He was so sweet but wasn't happy about getting his picture taken.


  1. That was a good time girl...good time indeed.

  2. That looks like an amazing place to go. I would love to check it out someday if I'm ever in the area. I really love your shall.

    <3 Melissa


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