Sep 18, 2012

A Little Bright Patch

So, Taylor and I got a lot done in our Yoakum weekend. Girlie Gayness is what I like to call it. Girl talk, dress up, makeovers, whisk. You know. That kind of thing. This was her favorite outfit of mine. I think it was mine too. I'm kind of obsessed with scarves now and I'm on the hunt for a mustard cardigan. Taylor was sweet enough to let me borrow hers. :) It's almost sweater weather!! I was going for a fall vibe with this outfit but in all honesty, it was hot as hell! 
I've had Mazzy Star in my head all week. This song is Wasted. Isn't her voice lovely? I was looking for a video to post and found a stripper's pole routine with this song as the soundtrack. Lol! It was pretty good.
Express scarf - thrifted
yellow cardigan - borrowed from Taylor
brown belt - Kohls
sheer black dress - thrifted in Bandera
vegan boots - Zappos

We stopped by this old school house on my grandparent's street.
Taylor being adorable.
We found a broken window and I snuck a picture of the inside.
Taylor used this 8mm app on her iPhone to make some cute videos.



  1. You look so adorable! I love girly gayness time.

  2. love love love mazzy star


  3. Love this outfit :)
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