Sep 25, 2012

Push and Shove

Cover art by EL MAC
   Well it's September 25th and you bet your sweet asses I'm listening to the brand new No Doubt album! I can't believe it's been 11 years since Rock Steady. Oh my, how time flies. I actually woke up early this morning to download it on my phone. It's only $5.99 on the Amazon mp3 app. I started the first song as I got in the shower this morning and was finishing the last song by the time I got to my car. The songs that really stood out for me were Heaven and Push and Shove. I had Push and Shove on repeat. It's amazing!!! I already downloaded Settle Down about a month ago, and that's one of my favorites too. Those two tracks have a heavy reggae influence. That's probably why I love them so much. They're definitely going to be popular in clubs. Well.. they should be anyway. Seriously, go listen to Push and Shove. I can't stop. This video is badass! They're so hot! I love that they're all blonde right now. Seriously, is there anyone sexier than Stefani? 
So much energy. Just like their concerts. I can't wait to see them again next year! The first time I saw them was in 2009 and that was the best night of my life. Click here to see why. :) I am so so happy that this amazing band is back in action. What do you guys think of the new album?

Sep 24, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: Approval neither desired nor required.

   Oh To Wong Foo. This movie brings me so much joy. It's fucking fabulous! This movie brought life to me. I watched this constantly when I was a kid. I still feel like I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body. I just loved these "girls"! I don't think they could have casted this any better. Wesley Snipes, John Leguizamo and the wonderful and sadly late Patrick Swayze. They're amazing!!! 

Oh Chi-Chi. Always shaking things up. You were sentimental and cruel and I love you for it. 

Miss Vida. The epitome of class and never afraid to kick some ass.

Noxeema. So good!!! I love this character more and more every time I watch it.

They all kind of remind me of my late uncle Ricky. I was introduced to this movie by him. He introduced me to a lot of movie genres I hold dear today. He went through a dozen phases, drag being one of them. He was a very convincing woman. The first time I had my eyebrows tweezed was Ricky's doing. If he only knew the monster he had created, he probably would have snatched those Tweezers away from me before the inevitable near undoing of my eyebrows. I miss him every day. I really feel like he help sculpt the woman I am today. 
These two parts remind of him the most. He laughed like that all of the time! God, he was funny. And we often spent hours and hours in his black lit room dancing to Lords of Acid.

I read on the Wiki page that this signs still stands!

Is there anything better than Chi Chi at the end? She looks incredible! I love that mole.

Coincidentally, I went to the Austin Pride Festival this past weekend and got to see Lady Bunny!!!

Sep 19, 2012

A Gift from Down Under!!!

    A big big thanks to the very sweet and ever stylish Australian Miss Tallulah Porkchop!!! She recently had a giveaway on her blog for her international followers and I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous Frankie magazine. I've heard of it before but never had the chance to take a peek in person. It features minimalist articles about artists and designers. It is fab!! I can't wait to curl up with a cup of tea and read it front to back.

                                 I was sooo excited to see Austin photographer Keith Davis as one of the featured artists!!! What a small world! "We have tamale balls" I've never had them before and saw them by coincidence the Highball menu last Friday during a very entertaining karaoke party.

This was a surprise. A foldout poster!!! I love. Speaking of Down Under. I finally got a copy of one of my fave Disney movies on Blu ray. The Rescuers Down Under! :D

Sep 18, 2012

A Little Bright Patch

So, Taylor and I got a lot done in our Yoakum weekend. Girlie Gayness is what I like to call it. Girl talk, dress up, makeovers, whisk. You know. That kind of thing. This was her favorite outfit of mine. I think it was mine too. I'm kind of obsessed with scarves now and I'm on the hunt for a mustard cardigan. Taylor was sweet enough to let me borrow hers. :) It's almost sweater weather!! I was going for a fall vibe with this outfit but in all honesty, it was hot as hell! 
I've had Mazzy Star in my head all week. This song is Wasted. Isn't her voice lovely? I was looking for a video to post and found a stripper's pole routine with this song as the soundtrack. Lol! It was pretty good.
Express scarf - thrifted
yellow cardigan - borrowed from Taylor
brown belt - Kohls
sheer black dress - thrifted in Bandera
vegan boots - Zappos

We stopped by this old school house on my grandparent's street.
Taylor being adorable.
We found a broken window and I snuck a picture of the inside.
Taylor used this 8mm app on her iPhone to make some cute videos.


Sep 17, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: "A meal at Sizzler meant we were halfway home"

   The Slums of Beverly Hills. I haven't seen this flick in years and was kind of grateful that I (sorta) forgot what happens. I was so happy to see this title on Netflix instant! Natasha Lyonne plays Vivian Abromowitz. A "coming of age tale" is putting it mildly. This movie is a slap in the face of what it's like to be a teenage girl. I was a teenager the last time I saw this. I loved it then and now I love it even more. The writing is genius. It was written and directed by Tamara Jenkins. I love when the writer also directs the movie. They put so much love into the script knowing they can see it come to life. It was perfectly executed.
Poor Vivian goes through one embarrassment after another. Of course, it's hilarious to watch but you can tell she's so used to it, most of it doesn't even phase her. I love it when a movie doesn't care about getting it's hands dirty and showing a very real side of humanity. You see it personified in Vivian and you instantly love her for it. She checks for Shark Week by hand at the dinner table, lets a guy feel her up because she's curious, borrows her cousins vibrator and forgets to wipe after she pees. 
Natasha Lyonne, David Krumholtz, Alan Arkin, Eli Marienthal - Slums of Beverly Hills
Mena Suvari makes an appearance. 

Shoe envy
My favorite part is when Vivian and her cousin Rita (Marisa Tomei) are dancing in a room, tossing back a vibrator back in forth. I laughed my ass off. Marisa Tomei was wonderful, as usual. :)

I had to include this badass pic of Natasha. Look at that hair!
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