Aug 28, 2012


and it feels so good!

   I just bought tickets to see Ben Folds Five at Stubbs on September 24th. I am beyond excited for this concert! I love these boys and have been a fan for a very long time. Their music is magical and always puts me in a great mood. I've only seen Ben Folds in concert when he was on his solo career. I took my little brother with me. It was his very first concert. Awww!
   Sorry Vinny, this time I'm taking James and we're going to have an amazing evening full of good food, wine, maybe some beer later on, lovely piano music and a bitchin' horn section!

I love this song! I'll figure out a way to incorporate Kate into my first daughter's name. :)
She plays Wipeout on the drums 
The squirrels and the birds come 
Gather round to sing the guitar 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

When all words fail she speaks 
Her mix tape's a masterpiece 
Walks through the garden 
So the roses can see 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

And you can see the daisies in her footsteps 
Dandelions, butterflies 
I wanna be Kate 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
Everyday she wears the same thing 
I think she smokes pot 
She's everything I want 
She's everything I'm not 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

She never gets wet 
She smiles and it's a rainbow 
And she speaks 
And she breathes 
I wanna be Kate 

Down by Rosemary and Cameron 
She hands out the Bhagaved Gita 
I see her around every couple days 
I wanna meet her so I can say hey..Kate 
I wanna wanna wanna be Kate

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  1. I LOVE Ben Folds.

    Hey, you won the Frankie mag on my blog.

    Send me your postal address darling and I will post it off to you immediately.



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