Aug 21, 2012

I can finally sew!

Stitch Lab
   Well.... sort of. I've been sewing by hand since I was making Barbie clothes at the age of five but I finally had my first lesson at Stitch Lab last Friday and I'm already obsessed with sewing. I can actually use a sewing maching now! I just wish I knew more already. I'm taking the beginner's course and it's 3 Fridays for 10.5 hours total. Our class has only 5 women (we all had names starting with "M") and it's really nice because we all have one-on-one time if we need it with the instructor. Haley is an awesome instructor. We learned the basics of the machines and then got to make little drawstring bags. I loved that pattern. I think I'm going to buy more of it to make a cover for my sewing machine.
My machine :) Singer Heavy Duty 4423
Learning how to pivot corners
View from the classroom
Adorable embroidery patterns
My finished bag!
   I went over to Mary's house after my class. This girl is a pro! She has her own little sewing station in her living room and she just got a badass dress form. I want one! I've been looking at all sorts of sewing blogs for simple projects to complete. I went to Hancock Fabrics on Saturday morning to buy some crucial supplies. I can't wait for my next class this Friday! We're going to make zippered pillows with piping. I'm gonna have James help me pick out some nice fabric for our living room. :)
   Taylor had an awesome cookout this weekend at her place because her sister Taryn was in town. I bought this adorable cameo fabric at Stitch Lab to make Taylor a wine bottle gift bag. I just adjusted the drawstring pattern and sewed in the corners (there's probably a better term for this but I don't know it lol). I also made Taryn a littel drawstring bag. They turned out so cute!


  1. Yes Mandy, Please feel free to submitt any creepy uncle stories! They can be about someone you know, or don't... Whatever :) My email adress is fabulous.junk (at)

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Girl!!!!!!!'n why didn't you tell me! I LOVE to sew! I'm working on a big project for tommy and I have some ladies I sew with that are too too fun! I'm so busy again with a new job, new classes, working out and the like but I'll send you some photos or make a blog post soon. I need your help blogging anyway because I'm a noob. I love you!



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