Aug 23, 2012

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This was originally an email to my friends at work and I just decided to copy and paste it as a post. Enjoy!

I soooo wanna go home right now. I just made some delicious caramel coffee and that put me a way better mood. :D I just made a Craigslist deal and I'm gonna pick up this sweet desk for my sewing machine! I'm excited!!!

Only $30! well $35 because the owner is meeting me halfway tomorrow morning. Yippee!! I really have my heart set on something like this

but it's like 6 times the price so I'll just wait till we have more room and I get a little more advanced. I'm seriously so excited about sewing. I feel like I've been building up all this creativity and I've been bursting at the seams. (you like that sewing reference? lol) Now that I'm going to learn the very basics I can take that and teach myself along the way. I just need to pace myself and not buy things that are out of my skill level. I went to Mary's house after my first sewing class and she had a mostly made apron on her brand new dress form. I want one! but I'll have to work my way up.We're making pillows tomorrow in class! I still need to go fabric shopping.

I'm watching Gilbert Grape right now. I love this movie. 
Can we just appreciate Johnny Depp's boyish charm in this movie? He is so beautiful!!!!
I'm so jealous of the girls who got paid to roll around with him.

 There needs to be a gap between Johnny's raging hotness and DiCaprio's dumb face. 

Not that I had anything for this guy (not even in Titanic, I swear) but this movie is slowly ruining my image of Dicaprio every time I see it. I mean, he definitely acted the hell out of that role but the character makes me cringe. WTH did they put in his mouth? Why does his upper lip look like that?! He looks like the Cowardly Lion.

I had to make a Totally Looks Like... style comparison. LOL! This needs to be on the interwebs.
This one too...


  1. I certainly can appreciate Johnny Depp's boyish charms... ahhhh.



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