Aug 6, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: "Let old Trixie sit up front with her big tits"

 My mom loves this movie called Little Darlings, starring Tatum O'Neal. Anytime she talked about this movie (which I haven't seen yet) she always mentioned Paper Moon. "Her and her father (Ryan O'Neal) star in that movie. She won an Oscar!" Those were the only facts I knew about this movie for the longest time. I finally got the chance to watch it only a couple of years ago when I saw the adorable cover on Netflix.
  This quickly became one of my all time favorite movies. I must have watched it another 4 times within a three month period. It's so good! You really should have twisted my arm to watch it sooner, Mom. :) Tatum O'Neal is adorable and funny and not in a Disney Channel kind of way. This girl had a mouth on her! She smoked, cussed, stole and schemed. She was only 8 years old when she auditioned for the role with no acting experience whatsoever. The director, Peter Bogdanovich worked with Ryan before and decided to cast them as the leads. 
Handsome devil
Madeline Kahn was great as Trixie Delight. I love all her lines and the way she delivers them. 
This scene kills me everytime. "You like Mickey the Mouse-OH, SON OF A BITCH!"
See? They used to be sweet to each other. :)
   I almost forgot to mention we had the privilege of seeing this at the Austin Paramount Theater with James, Taylor and Matt. It was incredible seeing it on the big screen in a super fancy theater. They a Summer Films Series that I try to go to at least once a year. I've seen the Red Shoes and Gone With the Wind there, as well. They don't have too many more this year. I'm looking at the past schedule and I can't believe I missed a screening of Clueless with a scavenger hunt and special guest Amy Heckerling. Damn. 

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