Aug 30, 2012

All you need is love...and a dog.

Couple With Dog by Braj Mohan Arya
   I love my little family at home. It's just me, James and Ollie. The love of my life and the heart beat at our feet. I notice it's a common thing with my friends to be a couple with a dog. I love that! Megan and Gabe have IB, Mary and Russ have their three pugs,  Taylor and Matt have Lucy and before wee lil Howie came along, Dominique and Burke had Pancake and Leo. 
   I think it'll be just us three for awhile and I don't mind at all. Ollie makes us so happy... and a little crazy. I feel a little guilty sometimes knowing that he doesn't have a little buddy to roll around on the floor with. I would love to get him a dog in the future but I wonder if he'd be super happy or super sad about the arrangement. What if he likes being the only fur baby in the house? I know he'd be jealous right away, hopefully that would go away with time. I guess we'll never know unless we try. Eh James? Maybe we should foster a dog first. :)
    I couldn't help but post some pics of other happy couples and their four legged babies. :)

Gabe, Megan and IB

Taylor, Matt and Lucy

Couple With Dog by Franz Borghese

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