Aug 30, 2012

All you need is love...and a dog.

Couple With Dog by Braj Mohan Arya
   I love my little family at home. It's just me, James and Ollie. The love of my life and the heart beat at our feet. I notice it's a common thing with my friends to be a couple with a dog. I love that! Megan and Gabe have IB, Mary and Russ have their three pugs,  Taylor and Matt have Lucy and before wee lil Howie came along, Dominique and Burke had Pancake and Leo. 
   I think it'll be just us three for awhile and I don't mind at all. Ollie makes us so happy... and a little crazy. I feel a little guilty sometimes knowing that he doesn't have a little buddy to roll around on the floor with. I would love to get him a dog in the future but I wonder if he'd be super happy or super sad about the arrangement. What if he likes being the only fur baby in the house? I know he'd be jealous right away, hopefully that would go away with time. I guess we'll never know unless we try. Eh James? Maybe we should foster a dog first. :)
    I couldn't help but post some pics of other happy couples and their four legged babies. :)

Gabe, Megan and IB

Taylor, Matt and Lucy

Couple With Dog by Franz Borghese

Aug 28, 2012


and it feels so good!

   I just bought tickets to see Ben Folds Five at Stubbs on September 24th. I am beyond excited for this concert! I love these boys and have been a fan for a very long time. Their music is magical and always puts me in a great mood. I've only seen Ben Folds in concert when he was on his solo career. I took my little brother with me. It was his very first concert. Awww!
   Sorry Vinny, this time I'm taking James and we're going to have an amazing evening full of good food, wine, maybe some beer later on, lovely piano music and a bitchin' horn section!

I love this song! I'll figure out a way to incorporate Kate into my first daughter's name. :)
She plays Wipeout on the drums 
The squirrels and the birds come 
Gather round to sing the guitar 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

When all words fail she speaks 
Her mix tape's a masterpiece 
Walks through the garden 
So the roses can see 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

And you can see the daisies in her footsteps 
Dandelions, butterflies 
I wanna be Kate 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
Everyday she wears the same thing 
I think she smokes pot 
She's everything I want 
She's everything I'm not 
Oh I...Have you got nothing to say? 

She never gets wet 
She smiles and it's a rainbow 
And she speaks 
And she breathes 
I wanna be Kate 

Down by Rosemary and Cameron 
She hands out the Bhagaved Gita 
I see her around every couple days 
I wanna meet her so I can say hey..Kate 
I wanna wanna wanna be Kate

Aug 27, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: Higher, higher, burning fire, making music like a choir!"

   I haven't seen Legend in years. It's so beautiful! Even as a kid, I really liked how primal the story was. Not like most of the other fairy tales films that were out at the time. No, this one was lovely and magical yet dark and scary as Hell. Look at how young Tom Cruise is. He was never as beautiful. 

Oona was so much fun. I just love the makeup in this film! It's so inspiring.
I adore Mia Sara. She looks so beautiful in this movie. Especially when she's with Darkness and dons that sexy deep v-neck and black lipstick. My favorite scene is when she's waltzing and becomes this new dark character. 

Then, of course, the best part of the whole movie and one of the best makeup applications in film; Tim Curry's Lord of Darkness. 

I read that Curry was in makeup for over 5 hours each day and it took over and hour to get it off! He was so frustrated once, he ripped off a prosthetic and actually ripped part of his skin off. Director Ridley Scott had to schedule filming around his recovery. 

Aug 23, 2012

FW: (no subject)

This was originally an email to my friends at work and I just decided to copy and paste it as a post. Enjoy!

I soooo wanna go home right now. I just made some delicious caramel coffee and that put me a way better mood. :D I just made a Craigslist deal and I'm gonna pick up this sweet desk for my sewing machine! I'm excited!!!

Only $30! well $35 because the owner is meeting me halfway tomorrow morning. Yippee!! I really have my heart set on something like this

but it's like 6 times the price so I'll just wait till we have more room and I get a little more advanced. I'm seriously so excited about sewing. I feel like I've been building up all this creativity and I've been bursting at the seams. (you like that sewing reference? lol) Now that I'm going to learn the very basics I can take that and teach myself along the way. I just need to pace myself and not buy things that are out of my skill level. I went to Mary's house after my first sewing class and she had a mostly made apron on her brand new dress form. I want one! but I'll have to work my way up.We're making pillows tomorrow in class! I still need to go fabric shopping.

I'm watching Gilbert Grape right now. I love this movie. 
Can we just appreciate Johnny Depp's boyish charm in this movie? He is so beautiful!!!!
I'm so jealous of the girls who got paid to roll around with him.

 There needs to be a gap between Johnny's raging hotness and DiCaprio's dumb face. 

Not that I had anything for this guy (not even in Titanic, I swear) but this movie is slowly ruining my image of Dicaprio every time I see it. I mean, he definitely acted the hell out of that role but the character makes me cringe. WTH did they put in his mouth? Why does his upper lip look like that?! He looks like the Cowardly Lion.

I had to make a Totally Looks Like... style comparison. LOL! This needs to be on the interwebs.
This one too...

Aug 22, 2012

Con mis chicas favoritas

   I had a super fun, action packed, fantabulous weekend! I just realized I got to see ALL my favorite Austin ladies too! After my Stitch Lab class, I drove over to Mary's house to talk shop. She is a master on the sewing machine. I'm always greeted by her three lovely pugs (Bebe, Skeet and Dixie) and then I saw her brand new dress form. I'm so jealous! I'm nowhere near that level but I already want all the goodies! I love this woman. She shared some fresh juice right out of her juicer and it was amazing. She helped me come up with a list of sewing must-haves. Thanks Mary!
Me and Mary a few years ago. We were in some bowling alley, being mean to stupid boys.  I love this picture!
   Later on, I met up with my friend Leslie for dinner and drinks. I finally paid off my damn car so I definitely wanted to celebrate. I feel like such an adult! We went to  Black Star Co-op for dinner. I really appreciate it when restaurants have malt vinegar as a condiment. It's a must have for fish and chips. Good food, good beer and great conversation then we headed over to Lala's for bloody marys. I love girls who love bloody marys. :D The pics we took there were way too dark and way too smokey so here's us on her head shot picture day where she pulled in into the shot. :)
Isn't she gorgeous!? She's going to start a blog pretty soon. I can't wait!
   On Saturday morning, James and I dropped my car off at Sears for and oil change and then went to Texican Cafe for brunch. Sears calls to tell me my car is all kinds of fucked up and it needs this and that and my oil change quickly turned into over $600 in repairs. Ai yi yi! Oh well, she's mine now and I plan on pampering my baby so I ok'd it. I was out of debt for only 14 hours. Oh well... I wasn't going to let it put me in a bad mood. I bought all kinds of sewing goodies at Hancock Fabrics, picked up my spruced up car and hurried home to work on my gifts before going to Taylor's house. I love Taylor's house. She has the perfect space for entertaining and her and husbear Matt are always amazing hosts. Her sister Taryn was in town with her boyfriend so Tay wanted to introduce her to her close friends. She wanted to do a photo booth style set up. They turned out so cute!
Taryn's bf Brian, my love James, husbear Matt and Gabe.
"Smile boys.... with teeth!"
Gabe and Megan. These two are so fucking cute! I love them. :) 
Burke was vogueing and gave some lessons on Jamaican vocabulary. 
   The food was so good! Dominique and Burke brought this cheese plate and James and I made roasted brussel sprouts and his specialty, Santa Maria tri-tip.
This was a previous tri-tip James made but it was equally amazing. Dominique and I actually took the beefy juice and rubbed it on our gums like cocaine. Haha! It was so good.
Taylor's wine bottle gift bag I made for her. 
My handsome man. :)
They're so sweet
Dominque with a wee lil trucker hat that Taylor bought
We played Apples to Apples. I really need to buy this game. 
It was such a nice evening. After the game we all sat out in the yard and watched the lightening storm. On Sunday, Kari came over after work and I made dinner for us. More brussel sprouts!
In 2010 at an Austin Film Bash. I have the best time with this girl when we go out. We go ALL OUT. ;p We're planning on doing a Weirdo Ambush downtown soon. Let's do it Kari!
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