Jul 15, 2012

Little Souvenir of a Terrible Year

   It's that little souvenir of a terrible year 
Which makes my eyes feel sore 
Oh I never should have said the books that you read 
Were all I loved 
It's that little souvenir of a terrible year 
Which makes me wonder why 
It's the memories of the shed that make me turn red 
Surprise surprise surprise

   The Sundays will always remind of a much younger me, being at home with my mother and sister, singing along together and going about our daily routines. Reading a book on the porch, washing the dishes, clipping pictures from Seventeen magazine, making collages, painting our toes, digging up ant lions. I miss those days! I miss them. They both live about 2 hours away in Lakehills, so I don't see them too often. I'll have to make another trip soon. This one's for you ladies. 

With  love, 
PS. I'm loving this title so much, I changed my
Instagram name to @littlesouvenir. Much better 
ring than neslted_in_nostalgia, eh?

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