Jul 3, 2012

Birthday Boogie Bash!

Get ready for some ridiculousness! 
   Omg.. these pictures... LOL! I set up me and James' camera photobooth style for my 70's themed birthday party last Friday, June 29th. I had so much fun!!! (clearly) My mom and sister came up from Lakehills so that was awesome!!! My little brother Vince is still in town so he came with his friend. Good times!!!
My mom Cindy and her boyfriend Steve
Me and Taylor of Nothing but a Pigeon
Mary went as Debbie Harry
I love these pics!
My uncle Jaime, his gf Monica and their friends. :)
LOL! Spice up your life!
Taylor and I again... lol
She went as a bitchy Senior from Dazed and Confused. See the flour? That was her prop. LOL Her husband Matt even made a paddle just for me! More on that later...
Brigitte of Ohh Em Gee Boutique Love this girl! She went as a Jaws victim. LOL So cute
My mom's cousin Charlie and his bf Joe. I love these guys! They came all the way up from San Antonio to attend. And they definitely did not disappoint with the costumes. :D
Charlie, my aunt Angi and aunt Karen. I love their costumes. I really wish I had a picture of Karen's shoes. They were sick!
Angi, Mom and Karen
My uncle Johnny and Angi
Newly added Uncle Andy and Karen :)
Living it up with my home girls.
Leslie and Kevin. The Fenders. Or as she put it "the Denim Duo" LOL
They gave me these gorgeous flowers. Here's our prom pictures. 
I love this girl. She's so much fun! She was the costumer and script supervisor on Please Hang Up and Try Again. :D She's also an actress!
Dominique and her friend Brittany
Group shot! That's Chris (top center) and Jason (top right). They brought me my signature bottle of bubbly! So sweet. :D
Gabe and Megan
Love this pic
I was giving out some birthday spankings... lol
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Leslie about to give me a lashing and Eduardo approves. ;)
Kevin, Leslie, Jade and Eduardo
Me and James :)
Kari, me and Megan doing the Angels
My sweet baby
Ouch! Ok... I liked it. LOL
Misty and her bf Toby
Monica and Jaime. They're forever awesome for letting me have the party at their place. Love you guys!
Sam the dog having a grand ol' time with the balloons. 

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