Jun 14, 2012

Lemon Cilantro Potato Salad

 I found this recipe on the Beantown Baker blog and I decided to make it last Saturday when my friends Mary and Russ came over for dinner. It was a big hit and we finished it all that night so I decided to make some more yesterday and let you all in on this delish dish. Click here for the recipe. It's vegan! I'm going to list what I used and make it simple.
6 to 8 red potatoes, unpeeled
2 lemons
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper
handful of cilantro
1/2 shallot
2 scallions
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

   I boiled the potatoes in a large covered pot with salted water. The lid had a little vent which assisted with the "partially covered" directions in the recipe. I boiled the potatoes on low for about 30 minutes and checked it's tenderness with a fork. Drain and set aside to cool slightly.
   Chop the cilantro, scallions and shallot and set aside in a small bowl. You don't have to have exact measurements of these. Just season to taste. I should have used more cilantro because I love it. I would chop the potatoes in 1/4 inch thick pieces right before mixing the lemon and oil together so they're nice a hot.
   In a measuring cup, zest the lemon into the olive oil. Next, add the juice of two lemons (you can also season this to taste), salt and pepper and whisk together until well blended. 
   Pour half of the lemon and oil mixture over the chopped potatoes, stir, then add the rest and mix in the cilantro, scallions and shallot. All done!



  2. Holy shamoly. I love potatoes. I love cilantro. I'm drooling.

  3. Looks so good! Will def give it a try soon!


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