Jun 4, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: She was the still point of the turning world

   I love these girls. I love this movie. These images flood my Tumblr dashboard every day and I don't mind at all. I'll admire Sophia Coppola for making such beautiful imagery till my dying day. Excuse me while I go watch Trip Fontaine walk slowly down a hallway.

The Virgin Suicides
Did anyone else notice that Cecilia played lil Jenny in Forrest Gump. So cute!

The Virgin Suicides, Directed by Sofia Coppola (1999)

The songs the Lisbons and boys play for each other on their record players over the phone.
Every single one of these songs reminds me of my mother. My sister and I would record our voices and radio songs on cassette tapes and we found one of my mother singing "So Far Away". It was beautiful.

Behind the scenes of The Virgin Suicides.
I think I like the BTS photo best. :) 

Be still, my heart.

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