Jun 28, 2012

Panda Dance!

Courtesy of Andre :)

Ben on the Green

Ben Kweller had yet another FREE live show at Zilker Park yesterday for Blues on the Green. It looks like he dyed his hair to match. :D What a lovely bday present. I love this boy! I'm a big fan of his music. Always have been. Thanks to my sister Misty. :) We have this thing where we'll call each other at live shows so the other can listen in. I just call and put the phone down so she can have a hear and she can hang up when she's had enough. 
  My younger brother Vincent is staying with his friend in Austin for the week so I invited them to tag along with me and James. We met up with Megan and Gabe and our friend Dominique and her friend. It was so packed! I don't know why I expected anything less for a free Ben Kweller show. Everyone expected it to be extremely hot but it was really nice. :D Until next time Benny Ben.

I'm convinced he's smiling at me here. :D

Community painting for Big Ass Canvas. Vincent did the Nirvana happy face in the bottom right corner. 

Jun 25, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: "Lick me. All of you."

   In light of my upcoming birthday party I wanted to pay some homage to the 70's. Dazed and Confused was made in the 90's (of course) but it's become iconic. And I am proud to say it was filmed in Austin!!! I love quoting this movie. I'll have to remember the great music and try not to drown my guests in disco music the whole night. Hee hee. Now let's enjoy the beautiful people in this film. *sigh*

So, so beautiful... *sigh*

Where are they now?

Esteban Powell
Shawn Andrews
Still sexy
Jason London
Not so bad...
Cole Hauser
Rory Cochrane
Lucas!!! You know something? You used to be cute.
Wiley Wiggins
Still likes wearing black tees with white logos
Christina Hinojosa
Adam Goldberg
Slightly better hair
Milla Jovovich
Still super sexy
Joey Lauren Adams
(no comment)
Parker Posey
Ageless and
I'll love her forever for this role
Marissa Ribisi
AKA Mrs Beck
AKA Giovanni's sister
Anthony Rapp
aged very very well
Sasha Jenson
I'll always see this guy as his Buffy the Vampire Slayer character
Michelle Burke. Sorry... LOL it had to be done.

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Jun 21, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Fringed backpack
   My birthday is just around the corner and I've been stalking Nasty Gal again. Their items are fucking awesome. Well... most of them. I'm in love with this backpack. Like every other girl I know, I carry a lot of crap in my bag. I just took a glance into my purse and spotted a wad of napkins, a spare tampon, my phone charger and about 4 different lipsticks. A backpack would be much easier to carry all my shit around in. Hands free and much more comfy. :)

   The thing I love most about Nasty Gal is their shoes. Good Lord, the shoes!!! So many good ones but my favorites are from Campbell. They have an unsurpassed collection of sick Jeffrey Campbell shoes. 
   I think he's mostly known for his platform boots that come in a wide range of designs. They actually look pretty comfortable... just me? I've never tried them on but I want them! I'd have to find the perfect pair before shelling out $162. That's a bit much... I'm sure they last forever though. *sigh* Shoes are slowly becoming one of my greatest weaknesses. I'm more of a wedge kinda girl anyway. They feel sturdier than heels to me. And they're oh so cute! 
Daisy D platforms
Galang platform wedge
Cassandra platform wedge
Burst platform wedge
   I'm beginning to really like big scary-ass shoes. They make me feel like a total bad ass and there's something very appealing about wearing shoes that look like they could eat a boy alive. Here's some more items on my wish list.
On the Edge blazer
Free Love crochet top
Lemon twist blouse
   As I said in a previous post, I'm having a 70's themed birthday party. I am sooo excited! I love to boogie and I love big-ass hair so this is basically just an excuse to play disco music all night and dress like a Stella. I bought this insane wig and spent last Saturday morning shopping around vintage stores. I can't wait to show you guys my outfit. James isn't into the dress up theme so much but he's being a sweetie and playing along. We went to Buffalo Exchange yesterday and he actually tried on some polyester threads! I couldn't believe he actually tried them on, let alone buy a pair of old pants. While he was trying the clothes on I wandered over to the shoe section and low and behold they had THE PAIR of boots I've been looking at on the Urban Outfitters website for the past few months. "Please be size 9... please be size 9... YES!" They're a little snug, but for 1/3 of the original price I had to buy them. I am one happy girl!!! They're on my feet right now. :)
Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Harness Heel Boot
Since we're on the subject, I also found a cheaper version of a very wanted item I posted on my last Nasty Gal wish list. It was originally $88 and I got it for half the price on Hautelook. I just love little shopping victories don't you? :)
Holey Knit

Jun 18, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: "We're going to be great friends, you and I."

   After hearing about it from a friend I rented Cracks (2009) and I really enjoyed it. Quite sad but the imagery was stunning and the performances by Eva Green, Juno Temple and MarĂ­a Valverde were amazing. It's Jordan Scott's directorial debut. Daughter of Ridley Scott. 
Eva Green plays Miss G, the swim coach for a girls' boarding school and her girls look up to her kind of like a big sister. She tells them these elaborate stories of her exciting life and travels. Di (Temple), in particular, is very fond of her. Miss G and the girls all have a perfect existence until Fiamma (Valverde), the Spanish aristocrat, shows up. Miss G becomes infatuated with her and the girls hate her for it. It really reminded of The Lord of the Flies but with pretty British girls. 
This was my favorite scene when the girls have a Midnight Feast and play dress up and drink wine. 
Miss G's clothes were amazing! She has some friends at Christian Dior so a lot of them were on loan for the film.
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