May 23, 2012

Photo Diary

mag clippings
James and Ollie walking home from the park
The indoor pool at the Hearst Castle in CA
The love velvet Scarlett O'Hara dress from Gone with the Wind. Deniro's Taxi Driver jacket is behind it.
Zilker Kite Festival
Antique necklace I bought at Blue Velvet in Austin


  1. Holy shniz, that necklace is absolutely beautiful!! Hey, speaking of Austin. I'm going to be there next month! You need to give me some suggestions on places I have to go to!

  2. Yay! That's cool! What are you coming to town for? There's so many places to see. I guess it depends on how long you'll be here. I'm gonna do a blog post on this. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Awesome necklace!


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