May 18, 2012

Zombie Days

Painting by Michael Kulick

      I'm off to Bandera today to help my friend Chaz and David shoot their music video "Zombie Days" by From the Cocoon. This is going to be very interesting... I'm going to see friends I haven't seen in (most cases) years. And of course I'll see my mama, Misty, my brother Vince and nephew Ethan. :) I gotta get back to packing! Have a great weekend everyone.
Here's a little teaser from the shoot this weekend. That's my nephew Ethan! He looks so cute and did an awesome job as a zombie. I love that kid. Chaz is the interviewer and David is the stumbling zombie in the background. :)
The finished product:
   Unbeknownst to me, the camera crew cancelled so I ended up shooting the entire video. At first I was kinda freaking out but then I liked it. I had so much fun! Thankfully, my director friend Eduardo let me borrow his should rig so that made the shoot much easier. James just bought us a super new shoulder rig and I can't wait to use it. Other than Key Makeup Artist, I now have some new credits under my belt! Director of photography, producer and director! :) 


  1. WOW the painting is great, it's so artistic. I love anything black and white basically hahaha :D


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