May 3, 2012

Off to the beach!

   I am soooo excited about this weekend! We're finally taking a vacation and we're going to camp on Mustang Island in Port Aransas. Yay! It'll be me, James, Ollie, Taylor, her husbear Matt and their dog Lucy. I haven't camped in ages so this will me and James' first time together. And me and Taylor's too. I'm so happy that we're going with them. Just two more hours of work then it'll be all play. I can't wait to jump in that water and pop open a Corona. James has never seen a Texas beach before. I hope he's not too disappointed being a California native. Ollie's going to be so adorable playing in the sand. I even bought him a wee little boogie board for the water. He's gonna love it! I'm definitely going to pack my big-ass sun hats. They're my fave. :D

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  1. wooooo!!! I hope ya have fun! remember sunscreen!!!! ^_^


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