May 10, 2012

No Doubt is back!

I cannot tell you how excited I am for No Doubt's new album. It's been over 10 years! The release date is September 25th and I don't think I can wait. Hopefully they'll give us more than just this video teaser before then. I think I'm more excited about the thought of them touring next summer. Please do! I've been a ND fan since Tragic Kingdom came into my world. If you've never heard their debut album, check it out. They were teenagers and Gwen's voice was well beyond her 17 years. I remember playing "Sixteen" at midnight on my 16th birthday and dancing around in my undies. 
   I finally got to see them live in 2009 and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! Thanks to James, my sister Misty, my cousin Meghan, my aunt Karen and I all got to go to the show in Dallas and were right in the pit at the very front. Before we left for the trip, I had this grand idea to get some photos of the band together, put them in an envelope and address it to myself with a stamps. I thought since we were so close to the stage, maybe I could hand it to a security guard and it would hopefully make it's way to the band for them to sign and mail back to me. It was a long shot but I had nothing to lose. Misty and I even included a photo of ourselves with our autographs. Haha! Anyway, we're at the show and I have this thick manila envelop in my pants. The security did not look like a nice bunch so I just figured I could throw it on stage and the band would get to it after the show. I was desperate! I was holding it in my hand for a good 3 songs when I finally threw it onstage during "Different People". I alsmost died because the envelope bounced off of Tony's back and landing on the ramp up to the drums. This ramp was perfectly white and my big yellow package was there for all to see. I was so afraid someone saw me and was gonna make me leave. Haha! OMG I forgot there's a video of this actually happening!
Skip ahead to 1:43
   That video still makes me nervous looking at it. Haha! Sorry Tony! Not my intention. After I saw where it landed I was very confident the band would get it and be really super nice and mail it back. After the song, I see Gwen grab it and drag it over to her little water station in front of the drums and I was freaking out! OMG Gwen has it! Gwen has it! We're gonna get it back! AGGGHHH!!! Misty and I were acting like retards about it and we finally got to relax and enjoy the entire show. It was fucking amazing!!! I don't think I'll ever see another show for the rest of my life that would top this one. So much energy! I don't know how she does it. We could even see little Kingston in the wings with some headphones one. So cute! Ok ok so back to the BIG moment. At the end of the show Gwen walks to the front of the stage with my envelope in her hand! She opens it and pulls out the pictures. I'll just let you see it for yourself. 
Greatest moment ever!!! I was so afraid that someone else would get it and someone actually did. It was this big scary girl and I ran up to her, Uhhhh that's mine. May I have it back please? Thank you!!! We both got our pictures back and we were back to being crazy fan girls about it for the rest of the night. 
Here is Gwen's autograph! So pretty. :)
My Gwen Stefani autograph. :D
The coolest moment of my life. That envelope was from me and Misty! Watch the video: < >
I had to capture a screenshot of her smiling at us. 
   I'm so stoked about the new album. I just wish I had the whole summer to enjoy it! Oh well, we'll just have to wait.
No Doubt in the studio with Diplo and Switch of Major Lazer
In the studio with Major Lazer just 2 days ago


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  3. <3333 Such a sick post! Thanks for sharing! xo



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