May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day

   I'm so excited that I actually get to see my mama on Mother's Day. Yay! We're having a nice family BBQ this afternoon at my uncle Johnny's house in Hutto. So all the mamas in my family will be together all at once. My mother, Cynthia lives in Bandera so we don't get to see each other all that much. I always miss her. She is an amazing mother. She's the strongest person I know and worked so hard to raise her three kids all on her own. We have a very close relationship. She's mainly the reason why I couldn't leave Texas just yet. I just couldn't bear being that far from her.
   Taylor and I went to a thrift store in Round Rock yesterday and I got mom this white plant stand. She's always had a green thumb and loves stuff like that. Her place is so cute! I love the way she decorates. 
I think she was around 14 in this picture. Look at those cheeks! They butchered her name. LOL! "Cincy" They spelled our last name wrong too. Not surprised. 
This is the oldest known picture of me. San Antonio, TX 1987. Mom jeans!
Fast forward 22 years. This is us at my aunt Karen's 80's themed birthday party. I set up a photobooth for the guests.  I had so much fun that night! I'll have to do a separate post for those pics. :) 
Me, mom and Misty
Mom and me at my 25th birthday party last June

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