May 21, 2012

Cinemanic Monday: The King of Crooners

   I grew up watching Our Gang and the Little Rascals. They were amazing! These kids were so cute and they were good at what they did. I loved watching them over and over but my absolute favorite was the Our Gang Follies of 1938.
image de Our Gang Follies of 1938
   I saw a copy of the movie at that antique store I went to a couple of Saturdays ago and just had to add into my Cinemanic Monday lineup. And lucky for you all, it's on You Tube!
Part One
Part Two
   I love the dance numbers! Especially the boy and girl at the very beginning of Part Two. She's singing her lil heart out. So cute! I love his face after Darla stings him. I get goosebumbs by the time Part Two gets to 2:45. The smallest boy at the front is so adorable! He looks so happy to be there. What a ham. My favorite favorite part is when the little girl is singing the Loch Lomond  in the Part One at 4:45. That's jazz musicain Annie Ross of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Apparently, she could hold her own with the boys since a very very young age. She is so wonderful! I was watching videos of her on You Tube and came across this performance she did for Playboy After Dark in 1959. She sings this funny little song called Twisted in front of a young Hef and Tony Bennett. Count Basie is on the piano. That means she was only 8 years old in the Our Gang episode and 29 in this video. 
   Annie still sings at the Metropolitan Room in NYC on Tuesday nights. I would love to go see her and especially meet her. 74 years later, she's still doing what she loves.

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