May 15, 2012

Antique Gallery

   I met up with Taylor in Round Rock on Saturday morning. We had some delicious breakfast at Cafe Java and then explored the massive Antique Gallery. I just love antique stores. My mom and I would go to the ones in Bandera, Boerne and Fredericksburg and spend all day looking at things. We bought things here and there. Vintage maxi dresses, framed pictures of nameless women, costume jewelry, paintings. Most of the time, items are really overpriced and this place in Round Rock was no exception. Besides that, this place was awesome. Pretty, rustic and creepy.
This tile was $78! See what I mean?
More creepy doll legs


  1. That homeless doll is seriously creepy! But we did have fun.

  2. Why can't I live closer to you?! So looks fun!


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