May 31, 2012

America's Next Top Model is....

   I've been watching ANTM from the beginning and I can honestly say this was my absolute favorite cycle. America's Next Top Model: British Invasion was soooo good! I don't know if I've touched base on this in the blog yet but I'm kind of obsessed with the UK. I didn't like all the girls but most of them were pretty damn cool. I could totally see myself going out with with them and having a ball in Macau. I knew it was going to come down to Sophie and Laura. 
   Sophie was so cute from beginning to end. Out of all the girls, I could tell she wanted to win the most. That said, I could definitely relate to Laura more. She was so spunky and fun, a little vulgar, and I kinda have a little girl crush on her. It was obvious how much the pressure was getting to her. I felt so bad when she had that panic attack during the Cover Girl shoot. Poor baby. That girl can certainly kick some ass at a photo shoot. 
   So Laura definitely had the better book. But Sophie knew that. She knew a lot actually. She knew Laura was her strongest competition, she knew she had a better walk than Laura and most of all she knew that making it in the American market was going to be major for a British model. At first, I wasn't too keen on the whole British Invasion thing. "This is America's Next Top Model!" Then, some of the Americanas started pissing me off and it didn't seem so bad. Laura was incredible though. Love you girl! I know and she knows she'll still do very well in the modeling world. She won the challenge with Nicholas Tse and gets to star in his video back in Hong Kong. And no, she didn't "sleep her way" into that challenge. I think the other girls were really threatened that she was so open and confident about her sexuality. I loved that about her! 
   Congrats Sophie! You were able to get through that insane competition with crazy-ass Tyra, still sexy Nigel and dick-shriveling Kelly Cutrone. 
Damn that woman was scary. Despite most of the shit people are saying about her on the internet, I like her! I love the way she calls people out on their shit and she cracked me up. I'm already watching her show "Kell on Earth" on Netflix. I really wish they had ANTM and BNTM on Netflix Instant. 
   The worse episode was that God awful music video. Seriously Tyra? WTF was that? It was so painful to watch. The British one was kinda cute but they mostly won by default. I can't believe one of the prizes is a record single. These aren't singers! They're models. You can't make someone a singer by spoon feeding them lyrics, music and shit-load of Auto-Tune. I interested to see what they have in store for Sophie.
Ugh... I can't even watch the American one again. All I can hear is Ebony's whiny little voice and Kyle's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad solo. Why oh why did she have to be the Texan? Luckily for us, next season they're taking votes from the viewers online. Make me proud!

Barton Springs Pool and Shady Grove

   Last Saturday, I met up with my friends Megan, Taylor and Dominique. Taylor and Megan came with their husbands and Dominique came with the new little man in her life, Howard.
I had my friend Catherine of Outta the Bag Creations make this little booties for me. They came out perfect and even matched his outfit. 
Isn't he precious? OMG i just couldn't get enough of that little smile. 
I can't wait to go back with some goggles and check out these little guys.
Papa Burke and baby Howard.
The Hamilton Family
Lunch at Shady Grove
Megan and her husband Gabe
Taylor and her husband Matt
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