Apr 17, 2012

Short Indies

"Home" by LCD Soundsystem
  I went to the Short Indies and it did not disappoint. This group takes submissions from local and global filmmakers, hand pick their favorites and then screen them every month at the ND venue in downtown Austin. I plan on going to every single one from here on out. Short films? $5 cover? Free beer? Yes please! There's so much to cover but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Please check out the films and let me know what you think.
My friend Teresa May Nichta is the new co-host for the Short Indies. She's a model/actress/photographer/all around cool hip chick. She and the other host J.J. Castillo made a tribute video from a scene in Wet Hot American Summer as her initiation to the group. So hilarious. It's spot-on.
Big news!!! She'll be going to Cannes this year! A film she was in called Clowns Never Lie was accepted. I'm so excited for everyone involved. That is a huge deal! They're going to throw a fundraising/screening party the day before they leave. I can't wait to see the film. 

  Dr. Breakfast was definitely my favorite of the evening. I love a good animation. Add in some f*ucked up humor and you can't really go wrong. If you didn't watch the film, it's about a man's soul escaping his body through his eye and starts reeking havoc on the universe. But all is well after some forest friends help him out. I love those deer and the blood hungry soul taking bites out of everything. The creator is Stephen Neary and you can check out his blog here

  Powerpoint was a lot of fun. Funny story, cute cast, appropriate clipart and it was written and filmed within 24 hours. That's pretty impressive. I've worked on a lot of short films and each average day of filming equals about 3 minutes of finished product. This one is 7 minutes and they used numerous locations. During the Q&A, the director Keller Davis said they would be en route to the next scene while Kara Mohr (the writer) was typing out the dialogue and making the Powerpoints. Damn girl...

Hello Optimism is hilarious! I was laughing my ass off to their videos. Check out their vimeo page for more fun!

 Sobre Le Estepa was beautiful. A western set in Argentina. Directed by Ty Roberts
Gaia Bonsignore is the writer and director of Love in Five Acts. I couldn't find the video on line but you can check out her other work on Vimeo and IMDB. She was so sweet and really excited to show her film to everyone. I'll definitely be following her work in the future.

Between the featured screenings they showed a bunch of "filler" films. I saw the video for "Home" at the last one and I am now in love with this song. I just downloaded it on my phone and I'll be jamming it wee wee wee all the way home.

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  1. hi mandy! thanks a lot for the kind dr breakfast words & visiting the ol' blog. austin rocks, and, from the look of it, so does short indies!

  2. I really wish I would have gone this time. Glad you had fun!


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