Mar 13, 2012

Hart & Hearts

Skirt by ASOS. Jacket by Old Navy. Shoes by Lucky Brand. Photos by Taylor Hart.

   This Sunday, I woke up early and packed some makeup and outfits and drove over to my friend Taylor's house. You'll hear a lot about this girl. :) She actually encouraged me to start blogging. You can check out her blog Nothing But A Pigeon. She lives in this adorably modern home with her hus-bear Matt and their itty bitty baby dog Lucy. I got all dolled up so we could take some photos. Then we drove a short distance and parked on private property (shhh..) to access some awesome railroad tracks. We had to cross a little bit of swampland to get there. We joked about getting caught by the police or worse, getting hit by a train. "Would you jump in the water if a train was coming?" Hell no! I would try to outrun it. Seriously, you should have seen that water. It was disgusting. This was the first time I've ever done OOTD style pictures and I'm pretty pleased with them. Taylor is an amazing photographer so she definitely gets all the credit for their quality. More pictures to come.

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  1. It was a good time and I love love love the images!


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