Dec 27, 2012

I've got my eye on you

 My Sweet Baby James bought me a ZARA gift card for Christmas (among other things) and I cannot wait to use it! I've been devouring their website for the past couple of days and I think I might take the plunge on this fabulous tweed coat. Isn't is heavenly? I can already see myself on the laziest of days, wearing the bummest of outfits and this little gem will save me from any embarrassment. 
Look at the chain detail around the neck. Gah! I want it. 

Here's are some other drool worthy options.
Studio trousers

Strappy sandals

Sequined and embroidered cardigan

Ankle boot

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Dec 26, 2012

Christmas in Austin

   I love Christmas. I'm so sad that it's over now. My whole family gets together on Christmas Eve, we party till midnight and then it's time for presents!! I have a fairly large family and that's just on my mother's side. There's about 30 of us now... Jesus! I guess I haven't counted in a while. How do we do this every year!? Wow... Plus we had about 10 to 15 extras. My uncle Jaime and his girlfriend Monica were nice enough to offer their home this year. It was so much fun! Not to mention, they only live about 10 minutes down the road. It was nice we didn't have to travel very far. It's so strange to look around at all the faces. We all look so much alike. That's kind of creepy... LOL! Please excuse the currently dark images. James is going to see this later and have me edit them immediately. We both took the photos.
My brother Vincent, cousin Caleb and cousin Gavin. 
My grandma Maria getting in on the tamale action.
Friends of the family, Tim and Bruce.

Presents!! You're not going to believe how many their were. It was insane. 

My cousins Azelea and Meghan.

Meghan's girls Emma and Chloe and Jaime's son Sevren.

My beautiful late uncle Ricky taking a photo of the photographer and baby Jaime. 

Monica's adorable little brother What's His Name. 

   Grandmama! Funny story. Grandma was talking about Christmas when she was younger. Her mother asked what she wanted for Christmas and my grandma said, a new house. "That's too big Mija. Where would we put it?" Then my grandma said she just wanted money. "Mija, the three Wise Men don't give out money". They used to put their shoes out by the mail box on Christmas eve. I must have missed the reasoning for this. I don't know... maybe Santa was supposed to swap them out for new ones. When she woke up the next day, she found them stolen! HAHAHAH! She told her older brother about it and how disappointed she was in Santa Claus. Her brother said, "You dummy, there is no Santa Claus!" We all laughed and asked her how old she was. "I was about 14." Hahahahaha! Too funny. She was talking to me, my mom and Karen about the stuff her mother used to tell her. She said that when she was a teenager, she wouldn't kiss boys because she was told that's how you got pregnant. My mom then said "Mom told me that when I was young too!" Apparently, my grandmother never had "The Talk" with her children. That's too bad. My poor mom probably had no idea what was happening when she went through puberty. I would have thought I was dying or something. Karen said, "Mom didn't tell me anything about sex until after I had Brier". Haha!
My nephew Ethan and cousin Alijah.

Bingo time!

People watching

Me and Mama

My aunt Angi, sister Misty and aunt Karen getting a lil crazy. LOL!

Misty's boyfriend James passed out.

My boyfriend James slappin' da bass

My mom with her brother Robert and Johnny (left) and Robert's wife Lori (center).

Another funny story. Jaime really really wanted this massive tire and drove an hour to pick it up at some rando's house. What a weirdo. 

   This is just a taste of the how many presents there were. I don't know why I act surprised every year. I kinda wanna dive right into them and go swimming.
Ethan's happy face after opening a remote control Bart. So cool!

Grandma and Papi. 

My cousins Alaina and Analese and Meghan and her husbear Ben. 

I kinda stole this hat from Mom. I love it!

We saved the stockings for the next morning at my house. I loved the way they looked up there. It's so nice having all the family together. We need to do this more ofte)n. I put James' teddy bear R.B. in his stocking. He's had it since he was  baby. I love how it still has a smile on it's face. So cute! I got some great gifts this year! I can't wait to show you! :
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